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Dr. Stop

My skin started getting reddish, itchy and ugly acne on last Saturday, on the last day of my vacation. 

I didn’t know what went wrong. 

I went to fresh aired countries; I ate healthy. 

I went to see my dermatologist on Tuesday after work. 

I was tired, but I decided to wait patiently, though a signage said a three hours waiting. 

Luckily, my name was called after 1.5 hrs. 

He asked me when he looked at my face, “what’s happened? Your skin was good!” 

I replied, “Doc, my skin started getting red and bumps after returning from my holiday.” 

“Where did you go? Did you go to the beach to expose under strong sun?” 

“No, no, I went to fresh aired countries, Scandinavian countries. Of course, sunshine is strong so I applied a base lotion which has SPF function that I bought at the Narita Airport’s Duty Free Shop to protect from these strong sunshine.” 

(The Narita Airport’s Duty Free Shops are well-stocked for cosmetics and enable to buy new products.) 

“Ahhhh, is it oily?”

“Hummm, I could say it’s oily, but I applied it about a week and my skin was fine for almost a week. It’s branded.” 

“You cannot use an oily product for your skin. It will give you troubles only.” 

“Really? It’s branded!” 

“I don’t think fresh air caused this. I suspect the cosmetics.” 

“So I shouldn’t use it…?” 

“I suspect the cosmetics. You changed only that.” 

I informed Mom that I’ll give the cosmetics to her. 

She is looking forward to use it and she asked me to bring it tonight when I see parents for dinner.

She asked me what type of lotion that I can use. 

Well, my skin improved with what Doc gave me such as vitamins lotion.

She said, “That’s simple? Why did you buy the cosmetics then” 

“Because I thought I can enhance my skin….”

Then my friends, “you’ve been telling us how sensitive your skin is. No branded products for sensitive skin. No! No! No!” 

I thought I can enhance my skin. 

Sigh, again…
I spent money to damage my skin…. 

I’m glad that my skin is improving after seeing a dermatologist. 


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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