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Onigiri (Japanese Traditional Rice Ball)

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The other day, I introduced an innovative Danish product.

Today, I would like to introduce a Japanese innovative packaging.

Onigirri, a rice ball, is Japanese traditional food.

It fs very handy to eat at anytime, as a breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and even late night snack.

First, pull down a strap.

Second, pull a wrap sideways.

Third, pull another side of wrap sideways.

Seaweed is sandwiched by layers of plastic wraps; therefore seaweed is nice and crispy till you open it.

And I won’t dirty my hand!!

It comes in many flavors: salmon, tarako (fish roe), tuna mayonnaise, sour plum, etc.

You can find it at any convenience stores.

Please try it one day!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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