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There is a stall at Shinagawa Station to promote and sell local food and handicrafts.

The theme will change every week to attract massive commuters and train users. 

A stall is promoting Kyushu area’s local food and I bought this jumbo size Bontan-ame (bontan citrus flavored soft candy). 

I can say this is one of Japanese traditional candies because the company in Kagoshima has been producing it for 90 years, since 1926! 

I also bought a regular size to compare the size. 

You can see how big it is, right!! 

And surprise, surprise, four baby Bontan-ame come out from a Jumbo size! 

This Bontan-ame is special because it reminds me of my grandmother. 

When I was little, I told her I like this candy. 

Since then she bought it every time I visited her. 

One day I told her I have grown up and she can stop buying it. 

But she kept on buying. 

Yes… I miss her…


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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