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Visit to Miho-no-seki

First I stopped at Sakai Port Fish Market for lunch.

I had a special seafood rice bowl.

There are many types of fresh and delicious seafood such as crabs, prawn, sea urchin, salmon roe, abalone, squid, tuna, yellowtail, egg.

It’s worth to stop by to have a lunch there.
Then I visited Miho Shrine, my main objective for this trip – to pay a thank you visit.

Japanese Gods, Mihotsuhime-no-mikoto and Kotoshironushi-no-kami (widely known as Ebisu-sama) are enshrined in Miho Shrine.

Mihotsuhime-no-mikoto is Goddess for harvest, couple harmony and prosperity.

Ebisi-sama is God for fishery, agriculture and commerce. He loves music so Ebisu-sama is God for entertainment business as well.

Of course, Ebisu-sama is very popular, representing business success. 

And this shrine is head of about 3,000 Ebisu Shrines!

I just love to be here.

After praying at Miho Shrine, I walked around the area.

I stopped for snacks: tokoroten (Tengusa seaweed jelly with vinegar) and strawberry flavored kakigori (shave ice).

And shopped soy sauce, ponzu (ponzu citrus soy sauce based sauce) and mentsuyu (soba sauce).

Their soy sauce is sweeter and has more flavors.

I enjoyed this soy sauce so much when I bought it at my last visit and I couldn’t forget about it!

It was still bright outside so I went to Miho-no-seki light house.

It was a nice view to enjoy Japan Sea’s ocean view!

I checked-in at hotel and had a quick dinner to enjoy Maki-Noh at Miho Shrine.

Noh is Japanese traditional drama, and has been played since 14th century.

Noh is also performed for God to show appreciation for harvest. 

Tonight, a special performance was performed at Miho Shrine with torch.

I didn’t know about tonight’s Noh performance and I am so fortunate to be there.

I enjoyed watching Noh surrounded by great nature.

I felt holy, spiritual and blessed❤️


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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