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Hokkaido Trip (Tomakomai – Shikotsuko – Niseko)

I arrived Tomakomai Port exactly at 11:00 hrs.

First, visited the Northern Horse Park.

I patted few ponies thinking of my late Grandpa.

Hokkaido is famous for breeding race horses.

My Gramdpa looked forward for weekends to watch horse races.

He was a social player because he enjoyed calculating odds, not much of a gambler.

Dairy farming is one of major industries in Hokkaido.

I enjoyed milk and haskap (blue-berried honeysuckle) ice-cream, pudding, hot milk and iced coffee at the Kitchen K’s Garden.

Shikotsuko (Shikotsu Lake) is a caldera lake. 

Shikotsuko is surrounded by mountains: Eniwadake (Mt. Eniwadake, top), Fuppushidake (Mt. Fuppushidake, bottom right) and Tarumaesan (Mt. Tarumae, bottom left).

Unfortunately, the summit of Tarumaesan is covered with clouds. 

According to a tour guide, the summit looks like a bucket being placed upside down and it’s an active volcano! 

We drove by Yoteizan (Mt. Yotei), also known as Ezo Fuji (Hokkaido Mt. Fuji).

Yes, it has Mt. Fuji’s shape.

Then checked in at Hilton NisekoVillage.


This hotel is famous for skiing and golf.

I wish I were here for golf today…

Hotel expanded a shopping and restaurant area in the premise; walked around this area after a buffet dinner.

This hotel has a natural hot spring that flows directly from the origin; I enjoyed open-air bath.

I became thirsty after taking a bath.

It’s nice to drink  a glass of Niseko Ezo Porter Beer (Hokkaido local beer) and Niseko Highland Mountain Grape Wine (local sweet wine). fufufu


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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