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I’m Japanese and currently living in Tokyo.

But surprisingly, my overseas friends update me on Japanese games, anime, manga, songs and even singers.

This time, again, non-Japanese introduced me a Japanese rock group: ONE OK ROCK.

Among Japanese, we call this band, WANOKU – shorter version of ONE OK ROCK.

I’ve seen a vocal on TV, but I registered him as WANOKU so it didn’t click to me when I was introduced to a band, ONE OK ROCK.

It clicked to me when I listened to their music on YouTube.

A vocal, Taka appears on a talk show.

His parents are both famous Enka (Japanese traditional songs) singers: Masako Mori and Shinichi Mori – no wonder, he has nice voice to sing.

And he was once a member of famous pop group, NEWS.

He was singing pop music then, but he decided to leave the group to sing what he wants to sing – rock music.

He stayed in the US to polish his English so he also sings in English, allowing them to conduct world tours – no wonder the group is popular in overseas.

Thanks to WordPress to connect me to people abroad!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

5 thoughts on “ONE OK ROCK 

      1. yeah… this crowd is great! one thing that amazes me is that, no smartphones on the air ? amazing but unusual…


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