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Weekend in Hakone (Hot Spring Bath Area)

On the way to Hakone, we had a bite at Ebine Service Area.

American Dog (middle left) is innovated in Japan; it’s a nice snack, deep fried flour covered sausage (middle left).

To be honest with you, I recommend to try convenient store one. hahaha

Other snacks are pao, chashao pao (roasted pork bun), and shaomai (steamed meat dumpling).

Later, I managed to see Mt. Fuji; this is today’s Mt. Fuji♪

Then checked in at Kishu Tetsudo Hakone Gora Hotel.

Hakone is famous for hot spring area; after check-in, we dipped in a hot spring bath before dinner.

My body appreciated this dipping after participating in Japan International Aerospace Exhibition 2016.

While our body were still hot, we had beer; this beer has a unique label: Hakone Sapporo Beer.

Yeah, dinner! 

And of course, we need nice sake to enjoy them: Atsukan (hot local sake, Hakoneyama).

I’ll dip again before I go to futon. fufufu



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