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The Shikoku Pilgrimage: Day 5

Ate breakfast quickly to start “Day 5”.

No. 48 Sairinji (Sairin Temple)

Arrived the temple at 7:20 am.

I felt good because air is fresh and nobody was at the temple, quiet and peaceful.

There is an Enmado (Temple Hall Dedicated to Enma (Yama)).

This is very practical, I prayed for three together!

Left: Dainichinyorai (Mahavairocana), Center: Kobo Daishi, Right: Fudomyo-oh (Acala Naatha).

This Jizo (Ksitigarbha) brings happiness!

No. 47 Yasakaji (Yasaka Temple)

The ceiling of gate is beautiful.

At this hall, I walked through Hell and Heaven; I want to go to heaven….

At outside of the temple, Fudomyo-oh, await us.

When I find a string like this, I should hold it because God is holding the other end; I’ll be connected!!!

No. 46 Joruriji (Joruri Temple)

These are Buddha’s foot prints.

I took off my shoes and stepped on them with my feet! 

No. 45 Iwayaji (Iwaya Temple)

This temple is tough one.

Climbed up a steep slope for 20 mins, but scenery is nice and so refleshing!

Many Gods greeted me, encouraging!

Finally, I arrived!

On the way back, I noticed I missed many Gods on the way up.

Entered a cave (there is no light inside; need to use a candle) to meet Fudomyo-oh.

Fudomyo-oh on the mountain.

Lunch time!!!

I learned that Shikoku people eat large portion.

I shared this one set of soba and katsudon (fried breaded pork with egg) with Mom.
One portion lunch is enough for two adults!

No. 44 Daihoji (Daiho Temple)

I forgot to take a photo of gate because I was busy looking at a rainbow fuda (wish paper).

Wow, to get qualified to use this rainbow coloured wish paper, a person needs to conduct the Shikoku Pilgrimage (again, one Pilgrimage requires to visit 88 temples) 100 times and more!!!

I quickly took a photo of the gate from a car. hahaha

No. 43 Meisekiji (Meiseki Temple)

There are many cute animals on the ceiling!

No. 42 Butsumokuji (Butsumoku Temple)

No. 41 Ryukoji (Ryuko Temple)

The last temple of the day.

Today, we finished early because it will take an hour by car to reach next temple.

Checked in at Hotel Clement Uwajima.

Enjoyed local food for dinner.

40 more temples…Oyasuminasai 


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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