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It’s Monday, but Feeling Like Friday Already

One of my colleagues is retiring in December.

We organized a gathering at her favorite lunch place: SAL (buffet lunch at the Imperial Hotel).

It’s nice sunny day and the town is in nice Autumn color.

I’m going to miss her; we promised to keep in touch.

Lunch was great.

I knew my gym trainer gets upset if I skip a session tonight after overeating like this.

Well, he tortured me tonight.

I knew my body is stiff, but he concluded my tendon is stiff after stretching my body.

He kept on pushing the point and it hurt so much!

But after the session, my legs feel light…hummmm

If my body is stiff; I should take a nice bath.

I like KNEIPP Gute Nacht.

I found this set.

The package includes a small bottle of Sakura bath salts which is not available in the Japan market and rose organic moisturizing oil for the price of one KNEIPP.

I tried Sakura bath salts tonight and I feel relaxing now.



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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