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Hot Wine: Gluhwein

It’s been cold in Japan.

It’s high 8C and 2-5C in the morning and evening.

It’s a nice day to enjoy a glass (or few) Gluhwein.

I found hot wine bouquets at a supermarket.

A bouquet adds nice spicy flavor to wine.

In 2006, I visited few cities/Christmas Markets in Germany.

Obviously, it was nice to get a glass of Gluhwein to walk from stall to stall.

This is one of my Gluehwein glass collection, from the Stuttgarter Weihnachts Markt.

I would love to go back there❤️


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

4 thoughts on “Hot Wine: Gluhwein

    1. I tried it at the Christmas Market in Germany. I believe this is seasonal drink in winter to keep your body warm. It’s spicy (cinnamon, clove…?) and fruity (I could see fruits such as orange). Each store has their own recipe and each city has different design of cup. I collected from cities that I visited. Obviously, I tried every cities’ Gluhwein. hehehe

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