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Interesting Sunday from Wine Tasting to Ichiran Tonkotsu Ramen

I went to Roppongi Midtown (shopping complex) to buy thermal shirts at Uniqlo.

Before I do some shopping, I thought it’s better to get a point card.

I was informed that it takes one hour to prepare a point card cum credit card (free annual membership with benefits).

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is a free and charged wine tasting area.

While waiting for my point card to get ready, I tried a ship of numerous wines…

And nice (charged) wines.

This is a glass of Corton Clos Du Roi 2010 (USD 80 per bottle).

and Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2013 (USD 430 per bottle).

The price for tasting these two wines (20 mil each) and a pair of wine glasses to bring back for USD 30.

It was fun.

Did I go to Uniqlo? No…decided to go for dinner.

I found a nice Ramen shop: Ichiran.

It’s been there, but I’ve never tried this one.

After buying a ticket from the vending machine (not much of choice, either simple ramen with char siu (sliced of porks) and negi (leeks) for JPY 710/USD 7.1 or with hanjuku tamago (half boiled egg) for JPY 910/USD 9.1), I had to wait to be assisted.

According to a board, the store was full house.

Then, I was led to my cubicle and asked to fill up  how I want my Ramen to be prepared: strength of flavor, oiliness, amount of garlic, with or without leeks, with or without char siu, secret recipe spicy sauce, hardness of noodle and any additional request such as more garlics and secret spicy sauce for additional cost.

This is how my cubicle looks like.

A half boiled egg was served first.

It’s hard to see a store staff over a cloth curtain, but after serving my Ramen, wooden curtain was closed to give me a total privacy. hahaha

If you like Tonkotsu Ramen (thick pork flavoured Ramen), Ichiran is highly recommended.

If you like a spicy ramen, you can request secret recipe spicy sauce to level 10 for free.

I tried 1/2 for a beginner.

This Ramen is very gooooooood! 


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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