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Short Trip to Canada (Day 3)

Today is the day for Canadian Rockies hunting.

Eat well, prepare well.

First, went to the Banff National Park to see the Bow Fall.

However, it’s cold and snowing; it’s difficult to find a fall itself in the photo. 

It’s at left side of photo.

Then, visited the Surprise Corner where we could take a nice photo of our hotel, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Today I also enjoyed a nice walk in snow at Johnston Canyon.

I walked for 1.3 km to lower falls.

I admired nature in many ways.

Water is frozen; and it’s in nice blue.



This is lower falls; it’s just amazing.

Water is so blue…

This is a good photo spot for Morant’s Curve if I manage to catch a train.

We had lunch at Fairmont Chateau Louise.

This hotel is located just in front of Lake Louise. 

Lake Loise is overlooked by Victoria Glaicer. 

During the winter, Lake Loise become a skate link.

I had lunch at LAGO..

After lunch, it was time for exercise.

I wear snowshoes to go to Paint Lake.

It was a long way to the lake.

Peyto Lake.

I manage to see Rockies as well.

It was worth walking there.

Bow Lake
It’s covered by snow; I cannot tell it’s a lake or great plain.

Crowfoot Glacier

The glaicier is in a shape of crowfoot.

Castle Mountain

The shape of mountains are in shape of castle…?

Vermilion Lake

This lake will turn into red with sunset.

Today, it remained in WHITE.

The last spot is observation point overlooking Banff.

There is a group of Big Horn Sheep and the Sulfur Mountain.

There is a natural hot spring at the Sulfur Mountain.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to try it this time; therefore, I bought a packet of this to try the Banff Hot Spring at home.

It is Christmas Eve.

I had turkey and Christmas desserts for dinner.

By the way, Marilyn Monroe stayed in this hotel and this is the proof.

She took a film of “A River of No Return” here in Banff.

I’m glad that I’m spending my Christmas here.

I wish you Merry Christmas!


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