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Trip to Izu (Day 1)

I’ll be away for few days so needed to clear my refrigerator.

I don’t want to waste vegetables; therefore, I made a power vegetable juice.

I think the recipe is good: a lots of spinach, celery, parsley and lemon.

And I think this is good because it was BITTER…

I took Marine Express Odoriko Go.

I was surprised because the coach is Narita Express (an express train for Narita Airport).

Is it recycled…? Reused…?

A seat is dressed for Marine/Izu Peninsular to stimulate our holiday spirit.

After 2.5 hour journey, I arrived at Izu Atagawa Station.

I didn’t know there is a hotel shuttle bus waiting for us; I was about to miss it.

Luckily, I spotted it and waved to stop the bus.

According to Google Map, it’s only 6 mins walk from station to hotel; but Nooooo, it’s much farther.

Once again, luckily, I managed to catch a hotel shuttle bus. Fuuuuu

Our room is spacious.

Left door leads us to a toilet, washroom and bathroom.

Right door is a storage.

And fusuma (the main sliding door)…

We went to get a Welcome Drink (Hot Yuzu citrus Honey) at a hotel coffee shop.

Then changed into yukata (I could pick yukata design) to take a bath.

It was nice to dip into an open-air bath overlooking Sagami Wan (Sagami Bay).

Okay, burned few calories and refreshed by taking a bath; READY TO EAT!

I had a glass of Sapporo draft beer produced at nearby Shizuoka Factory.

Beer must be fresh; it was clear and smooth!!


After dinner, I became so full; my body is still warm from dipping in hot spring…ready to sleep…



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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