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What’s Happened to a Steak?

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t that hungry.

I decided to have a smoothie instead of a steak.

Oh, I’m adding lemon to get more vitamins!

I think it’s a good idea to add lemon!

When I have time, I cook lunch, bring it to the office and eat it at my desk.

After arranging flower…

At the class, I had some almonds, snacks and this good luck sweets, Hachifukumochi, from Hikawa Shrine.

Since this year is predicted bad for me, I’m glad that I can have one.

Thank you my friend to share good luck with me!

I had some snacks at the class; therefore, I have no choice, but to have smoothie for dinner.

What’s happened to that steak?

I cooked it for tomorrow’s lunch. 

To be honest, I want to eat it now.

I’m hungry…


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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