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Anahachimangu (Anahachiman Shrine) @ Waseda, Tokyo

I went to Anahachimangu to get a good luck charms.

These are good luck charms for a smooth year: smooth relationships, smooth money transactions, etc.

I need to place a round good luck charm on a wall according to an instruction at midnight of 3 February 2017.

It has to face this year’s good luck direction: North- Northwest.

After a prayer and getting good luck charms, we went to lunch at Sanchoan.

Mom and I shared a “Yuzu soba ((facilitating) smoothness soba)” and Tonkatsu (pork rice bowl).

There is a rumor that this restaurant is a founder of tonkatsu.

I came for a good luck soba and their famous tonkatsu!

And I had Taiyaki for dessert.

This is a Japanese traditional desert in a shape of Tai (red snapper).

I bought one in traditional style and one in modern style, croissant taiyaki.

Both are delicious with a lots of sweet bean filling!

After lunch, we went to 100 yen shop Can Do (a dollar shop).

This is our routine because there isn’t any 100 yen shop in my area to shop consumable products cheap.

And the shop has many innovative products that I ended up buying MANY products.

A beauty part of 100 yen shop is I don’t feel guilty about it.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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