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ThinkPad X1 

The other day I mentioned I got a new office PC.

It’s a tablet PC so easy to mobilize it.

I wanted to download few apps for Lenovo Pen so I brought it back home.

Yes, let’s mobilize it!

To protect a screen, I attached a keyboard as a cover, but I can detach it.

I can even hold it vertically.

I have been wanting to take a note on tablets.

Unfortunately, Apple Pencil doesn’t work on my iPad mini and so as this pen. Boo hoo.

I downloaded an app named Plumbago.

This is good for artistic work like drawing.

I cannot keep it vertically.

And this one, Nebo,  is interesting.

I can keep the screen both way (vertically and horizontally) and this is the interesting feature…my hand writing will change to typed letters.

How clever!

Nebo would be a good app to take notes. fufufu

Yes, I suppose I should work hard, but this is a fun toy! 

I’ll explore more about this toy!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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