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Girls Night

I don’t have an occasion to go out with women only.

I was nervous even though we meet frequently every other week for arranging flower.

Last night, I bought a cheek to enhance my make up.

It’s a combination of natural look and it did enhance my look after I put it on.

Well, at least I thought so.

But nobody noticed my change; I curled up my hair, kept on wearing my suit after hours and applied additional make-up, cheeks.

I confessed my efforts and we laughed together.

A restaurant, IL Ritrovo @ Roppongi Hills, serves a Joshikai menu (Grils Gathering menu) for JPY 3,605.

The menu includes five main dishes (such as pizza and pasta), assorted dessert, tea or coffee and two hour free flow drinks.

It’s economical and delicious.

It was so much fun and I cannot wait for a next Joshikai (girls gathering)!!

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A Card from the US

Today we communicate by electrically such as emails, SNS, etc.

But today, I received a card from the US.

It is nice to receive a message in analogue way; it expresses and delivers their thoughts louder.

I feel loved!  Thank you! 

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Binge-Watch Movie

I frequently binge-watch TV dramas, but TODAY I binge-watch movie at the movie theater. 

I started with ALLIED (Japanese title is Marianne).

The movie is scenic and beautiful.

It made me cried at the end…

I highly recommend to watch this movie even you are not a Brad Pitt fan.

I might look for a book to read the original story.

Then continued watching Japanese movie: Aibou (Partner).

This is a movie of TV series that have been on the air since year 2000!   

It’s showing season 15 on every Wednesday now.

Mr. Ukyo Sugishita is the main police character (detective) to solve difficult cases.

This time, he stopped a terrorists’ attack with his PARTNER; he always has a partner and this partner gets changed after few series. 

A leader of terrorists became a terrorist because he was abandon by the Japanese government during the WWII.

He is a bad guy, but I sympathy him.

I love movies♪

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Greedy Night: Hiroshima-yaki Dinner and Massage

I had Hiroshima-yaki at Sanshou, Ginza for dinner.

Sanshou is located at the second floor of Hiroshima TAU: an antenna shop where we can buy Hiroshima local specialties.

Hiroshima-yaki is originated from Hiroshima, similar to Okonomiyaki (Osaka Culture), but it’s with noodle.

I had deluxe Hiroshima-yaki with oyster, squid, shrimp and pork.

A restaurant is simple, but food is delicious♪

My back was so stiff; Googled for massage and went to Roppongi Yuren.

Surprisingly, many Japanese celebrities visited this massage shop; these are their autographs.

The place is small, but clean and homey; customers kept on coming in.

I enjoyed 100 mins body and foot massage.

My massager is good; my body is light now.

Thank you, Mo-san!

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My Favorite Drinks: Smoothie and Wine 

I’ve been enjoying a cup of smoothie every morning since I bought a smoothie maker, Tescom TMV 1100.

Today, I went to buy a lunch box. (Yes, I was lazy making lunch today….).

I found a nice lunch box, but I thought I should take more veggies.

I bought smoothies which were on promotion – discount.

I tried a green smoothie, but surprisingly it’s sweet.

I opened it to check its greeness.

Hummm, my green smoothie is much more delicious.

Now I enjoy making my own recipe smoothie. 

Today’s Recipe:  Contrex water (200 ml), orange (60g), spinach (40g), apple (60g) and carrot (30g)

For dinner, I enjoyed another favorite drink: few glasses of wine.

Wine is also good, right? 


Yes, I should be careful, not to over drink.

Well, this one is special……

Corton Clos Du Roi Grand Cru 2010 (Beaune, France)

Wine is so delicate….yet, enhancing food….

It’s not cheap (USD 125), but worth trying it once.

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Being Lunch Foodie

I had a Japanese style curry at Joto Curry  at Shibuya, Tokyo for lunch today.

According to the signboard, there are 50 Joto Curry Restaurants in Osaka and this is their Tokyo Main Store.

It’s delicious and reasonable.

For dessert, I had nice wine and cake.

These were niiiiiiiiiccccccceeeeee.

Please check this wine: BUCELLA 2013 (Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon) if you like your wine full body.

Yes, I over enjoyed lunch today.

? What was my tonight’s dinner?

Green Smoothie……hahaha