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Magma Spa

I was tired from work.

I don’t have time to even talk to someone.

I stare at the screen and compile inputs after inputs.

I’m even doing other office mate’s job because he doesn’t admit his mistake so my boss asked me to do it.

I get tired of telling people who are based on different value.

I advise but they don’t listen.

I used to get upset because I sincerely shared thoughts and methods.

But I stopped; they don’t appreciate.

They won’t do it anyway; therefore, no point for both of us to get upset.

It’s not healthy.

I need to recharge myself.

I decided to go magma spa (stone spa) to sweat.

My body must have been cold.

Surprisingly, I could lie on my stomach for 20 mins.

I thought that’s long.

After that it seems my body warmed up; I could not stay longer so I took a break at cooling off room often.

Yes, I feel better now.

Bad feeling came out from me in the form of sweat.

Detoxing for body and soul.

Practical and great!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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