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New Diet

My trainer is a body builder.

He goes on diet to control his weight.

He taught me what I should do: I should eat meat and vegetables only.

However, surprisingly I can eat as much as I want because an excess will be discharged.

After dinner, if I get hungry I can eat steak even late at night.


And I shouldn’t feel hungry because I eat meat which keeps my stomach full.

But I shouldn’t eat any rice, flour products (bread, pasta, etc.), and sugar products.

I understand I shouldn’t eat any confectionery products, but I didn’t know I shouldn’t eat fruit!

I thought fruit is healthy and rich in enzyme, but I was told it contains high sugar fruit.

I make smoothie with kiwi and apple, but I was told I should avoid these.

Therefore, I made a smoothie with soy milk, tomato, parsley and carrot.

This is truly vegetable smoothie.

I lost few kg exercising this diet for a week.

My trainer told me I can have one day in a week to reward myself so I ate freely yesterday during socializing.

I look forward for the outcome!!  


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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