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Foodie Report

Today, I had Kakiage Morisoba (mixed tenpura with cold soba) for brunch @ Sarashina Horii Sohonke, Azabu Juban.

This soba shop is always busy and with no exception, we waited for our table.

If you like soba, this restaurant is highly recommended.

It’s worth waiting!

I went to Wet Aging Beef Korean Barbecue, Nikugen @ Roppongi for dinner tonight.

American beef is aged to enhance its flavour and tenderness.

It’s different from Japanese wagyu beef; I looked at it as a skill.

Beef could be cheap but manage to enhance it by maturing it.

If you are so used to Japanese wagyu, you might not like it, but please consider this is a different beef!

Another uniqueness of this restaurant is recommending to grill beef for one minute by using an one minute hourglass.

But to be honest with you, some meat require more than one minute to cook.

We need to pay attention. hahaha


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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