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Trip to Sipadan (Day 2)

I took a midnight flight so it is technically day 2 even though I didn’t have a proper sleep.

I finished watching the movie, Silent.

I’m lucky that I could continue watching before I forget a story.

Breakfast was served on the plane.

In addition, I watched Miss Sloane, a story about a lobbyist.

I’m amazed how she reads people’s mind and plan a plot.

This movie is a must-watch-movie on a plane.

I arrived at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for transfering to a domestic flight.

I’ve been to Malaysia many times, but I don’t remember walkingn through here.

Could it be my first time?  hummmmm

Oh, I’m nervous, getting closer to Sipadan!

I asked for a typical Malaysian breakfast – Nasi Lemak on the plane; however, I couldn’t enjoy much because I was still full from a breakfast served on ANA.

We are approaching Tawau, Sabah soon…

This is Tawau Airport: a gateway to a diving heaven…

It takes 1.5 hrs to Semporna Port to take a jetty to reach Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort.

There is no land; it’s a water cottage village.

Absolute quietness.

I say ABSOLUTE because there is no TV in a room and hotel WiFi was broken during my stay!

Resort serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in buffet style.

There is no AC, fan only.

Don’t worry, this is sufficient.

I love relaxing at the balcony overlooking emerald green ocean.

Isn’t this gorgeous? 

Bath room is spacious with a toilet, sink, bath tub and shower booth.

After unpacking and getting ready, we went for a check dive.

First, we dived with a Dive Master to learn the House Reef so that we can dive on our own with a buddy.

A beauty about this resort is unlimited dive at the house reef is inclusive in a diver’s package.

I spotted a colourful sea slug.

And hello Nimos!

I wanted to share what I see under the water; therefore, I bought a small camera and housing for iPhone 5S for this trip.

I also bought a mask!

I’m glad that I bought these because these enriched my diving.

I will share many beautiful photos with you! 


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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