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Trip to Sipadan (Day 5)

Last day to dive…I’m lucky, I am going to dive at Sipadan again!

When we dive at Sipadan, we leave the pier at 5:30 am to catch early risers, bump fish.

It’s still dark.

I’m not good at waking up early, but for diving, I can wake up. hahaha

It was worth waking up early.

I swam with many Bump Fish!

There are many sharks!

A stream of horse mackerels.

My friend took a photo of me dive into bourse makerels.

Wahhhh her photo is so sharp!

Shall I consider getting a proper camera…?

We were looking for a barracuda.

We swam and swam looking for baraccudas at Barracuda Point, twice.

At last dive (4th dive), we decided to enjoy diving with beautiful coral scenery. 

But we are lucky!!!

There are baraccudas…

I got closer to them, then they started making a Barracuda Tornado!!!

Breath taking.

I’m so so lucky!

First Sipadan Trip, I witnessed a Barracuda Tornado!!!

I appreciate whatever I see there.

This is a long living shell.

It grew too large unabling to close now.

I watched so many things: various tropical fish, sea slugs, turtles, sharks, Bump Fish, hourse mackerels…and…Baraccuda Tornado!

I had so much fun diving here! 


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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