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Starting a Day Not Healthy, but Making it a Healthy Day

I had Castella or Kasuteta (Japanese cake) for breakfast.

This is simply made of flour, eggs and sugar.

This dessert was brought to Japan by a Portuguese missionary in 16th century.

We call it Castella, but there isn’t any dessert like this in Spain; we don’t know the origin of this dessert.

Today, we eat pancakes and waffles for breakfast so I can eat this dessert which is made of flour, eggs and sugar for breakfast, right?

I’m getting board doing the same routine everyday: go to office and return home.

It was a nice day to walk in a light breeze.

I walked from Shonagawa to home.

It was 4.5 km journey and fun. 

There are a quite numbers of shrines and temples standing between buildings.

There is a Japanese traditional archery shop next to a temple, selling Japanese traditional archeries in Tokyo! 

There are many interesting shops and restaurants on the way home.

I stopped by at a supermarket, Lincos.

It was a small adventure.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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