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The Second Trip to the 33 Kannon Pilgrimage (3rd Day)

Today, we are scheduled to visit 4 temples and needed some energy.

As mentioned yesterday, the exterior of hotel is very western; but a room is Japanese style.

No. 25 Banshu Kiyomizudera (Banshu Kiyomizu Temple)

We stopped by at Yakushido: God for health.

There are twelve gods of Chinese Zodiacs.

These are designed by Mr. Satoshi Yabuuchi who designed Nara’s Mascot: Sentokun.

We prayed at Daikodo (auditorium).

We visited Konpon Chudo (Main Hall).

Then visited Konjosui. 

This temple is named Kiyomizu (clear water) because of this well.

When you look into the well, if you can see your face, you receive additional three years to live; if you cannot see your face….otherwise….

I’m happy to see my face on the water.

No. 27 Engyoji (Engyo Temple)

Engyoji is located on the summit of Shoshazan (Mt. Shosha).

First, we need to catch a rope way.

Then catch a bus.

We prayed at Maniden (Wish Hall).

Then we went to the area where Jyogyodo (a stage), Jikido (cafeteria) and Daikodo (auditorium).

Jyogyodo might look familiar because Last Samurai was filmed here!



We walked further to Okunoin.

This is Kaizando where shrines Shoku Shonin who opened this temple.

At the four corners, there suppose to be four Rikishi (heavyweight wrestlers) to hold a heavy roof; but one ran away.

We had late lunch, local food: Himeji Oden (fish cakes and others in soup. In this region, they eat with ginger soysauce).

No. 16 Ichijoji (Ichijo Temple)

There are few stairs…

We can enjoy a unique scenery: looking down the three-stories Pagoda here.

Some maples are already in red even it’s still spring…?

No. 24 Nakayamadera (Nakayama Temple)

The last temple of this trip.

At back of the gate, two dogs are protecting this temple.

This temple is for pregnant women; therefore, this temple is equipped with escalators.

This is my first time to try an escalator at the temple!

Fun time flys fast.

It’s time to return home.

On the way back, I enjoyed Kansai cuisine obento (packed food).

I also enjoyed nice dessert, actually this is a survivor for Dad. 

It was fun and I’m charged! 

But, now I’m ready to go to bed. Zzzzzz


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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