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Healthy Food

I cooked healthy breakfast.

I opened Maltese Cuctus Jam (Gozo) to enjoy with yogurt .

I visited Malta in 2016.

It’s nice country: people are nice, ocean is beautiful, food is nice because agriculture products are so fresh.

I would love to visit Malta again.

At dinner, I had Azuki Kuzu (red bean flavored arrowroot).

I bought this at the shop near Saigoku No. 5 Fujiidera (Fujii Temple).

It’s delicious and it’s healthy because Kuzu assists to increase immune system and body temperature, enhance blood circulation, stabilize hormone and mental, antiaging and many more.

I like it so I should continue taking it for my health!

I also learned that 15 cc of black vinegar and 15 cc of chopped  ginger will warm up body and detox excess waste; and a glass of tomato juice for cleaning blood.

Let’s monitor the outcome.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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