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Diving @ Mikomoto, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka (Day 1)

Today, I took the first Kodama (the Second earliest Shinkansen/bullet train) to Atami, Shizuoka.

Then, I changed to Ito Line to Izukyu Shimoda Station.

I dived twice at Zabune, Mikomoto Island, Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka to look for Hammerhead Sharks.

The point is only 15 – 20 mins away from the harbor.

I thought I saw the shadow of shark, but nobody saw it and I don’t have a proof/photo…. hummmm

Today, I saw a group of Takabe (Yellowstriped Butterfish) and Isaki (Grunt).

After two dives, I checked in at Hotel Marseille which is conveniently located in front of Izukyu Shimoda Station.

I was hungry and had early dinner, Korean BBQ @ Hanmi, Shimoda, Shizuoka, at 5:30 pm.

Energy is charged.

I hope I can meet Hammerhead tomorrow.



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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