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Escape from Tokyo

It’s been very hot in Tokyo.

I decide to escape from Tokyo; hopped on a plane after office.

Arrived at Kansai Airport.

And here I am….at Kushimoto Royal Hotel.

I stayed at this hotel in last February and introduced this hotel.

At that time, I visited here for different purpose, visiting temples, then I spotted few dive shops in this area, wondering how beautiful it could be being at the tip of Kii Peninsula.

Good night.

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A Decent Lunch

I went out to have a decent lunch, Chinese @ Hagoromo, Ginza, Tokyo today.

Rice (carbohydrates) was delicious; I didn’t weight it, but I guessed about 200g.

Later I checked the calories for rice; it’s 330 calories. Ahhhhhhh

I sought an advice from my physician and was told I should enjoy salad for dinner…

I’m also encouraged to exercise more. Another ahhhhhhhh

When I returned home, I received a package – aibow touch pen.

Hummmm, I can write on my iPhone and iPad, but not as I dreamed.

My palm is on the way.

On the web, someone advised to wear a glove.

It won’t look nice…. sight

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Enhancing My Time @ Gym and Room

It is a Japanese national holiday today: Ocean Day.

It’s been hot in Japan and there was no national holiday in July.

Japanese government was smart to create a national holiday in July for a break.

However, my office opened today.

It’s been a quiet day so I went out for lunch.

I had a Freahness Burger’s Cheese Burger set.

It’s a nice Japanese burger shop and delicious, but I learned that calory is high… 

delicious food always with calories…… ahhhhhh

Boss left the office and I was alone in the office this afternoon.

I quickly finished writing reports and sending emails to make time to further study about privileges of being Amazon Prime members.

Annual fee of JPY 3,900 covers fast delivery fee, video and music.

I was considering to enhance my time at gym and room with these video and music.

I had time to Pochi.

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Video


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Classic Concert @ Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 

I haven’t visited Kawasaki for quite some time.

Kawasaki looks different from how I knew before.

At the entrance of the hall, a street organ received us with nice music.

On behalf of Mom, I enjoyed powerful music conducted by Mr. Jonathan Nott with Dad.

Today’s music are

T. Hosokawa: “Klage” for mezzo soprano and orchestra based on Text by Georg Trakl


G. Mahler: Symphony No. 2 in C minor, “Auferstehung” 

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Wine Shop…s

My friend introduced me a nice wine shop: Cave de Re-Lax at Shimbashi/Toranomon,Tokyo.

He also introduced me a nice Chilean fullbody Cabernet Sauvignon red wine: Echeverria.

I will open it when I have a company.

Coincidentally, another wine shop, Pieroth Japan, called me to invite me to their wine tastings in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

I love wines, but I don’t have a wine cellar; I’m afraid this heat will spoil wines.

Do I want a cellar…? 

Do I want to keep many wines…? 

This thought is dangerous…hummmm