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This Week

It’s Friday and I should be parting; but, I left office 11:15 pm tonight.

This is my booster during the day.

I brew Peet’s Coffee and bring it to the office.

This is what keeps me going after 5 when I’m alone in the office: Amazon Music.

And this is my night cap: Nagano Beer – OH LA HO BEER CAPTAIN CROW

I’ve been spending my days simple these days… 

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I knew her from work.

She finished her term in Japan and will return to her country in two weeks.

We never went out privately, but I asked her for a dinner.
We started Robatayaki (charcoal grilled food) dinner at Ginza Hakobune Shizuku at 6 pm.

We had so much fun, so we continued our chat at Tommy Bahama, Ginza.

There is a dining place at Tommy Bahama’s butique.

Cakes and non-alcohol mojito are nice!

I’m going to miss her; we shall keep in touch!

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Diving in Palau

I returned from Palau yesterday.

I wanted to post frequently, but internet connection was bad, terribly bad in Palau.

The internet condition will improve next year after optical fiber reaching Palau.

Ocean is so beautiful there.

German Channel

Manta, Manta, Mannttaaaaaaa!

Manta swam over meeeeee!!!

Cowtail Stingray 

Sias Corner

Handsome Turtle


There are many sharks.

Big one, small one, could they be a family?

Ulong Channel

The landscape is beautiful.

Blue Hole

So mysterious; bless taking. 

Blue Corner

Napoleon Fish


Helmet Wreck

Blue Corner – Sunrise Diving

Ocean is clear and peaceful.

There are many fish and early riser, Baffalo Fish greated me.

It was fun diving in Palau!