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Today, I wanted to go to gym.

It’s nice to stretch and do some exercise, especially now because I’m glue to an office chair.

My regular bicycle was occupied so I tried KEISER for the first time.

I’m very sleepy now.

Let’s get a quality sleep. Zzzzzzz

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Sunday Before a Storm

First, I went to send my laundry to Laundry Shop Pony.

Then, stopped by Don Quijote (we call it Donki for short) to buy household goods such as detergents, pocket tissue, etc. and boosters: (emergency) Mon Cafe drip coffee, Clorets (gums) and Manan Life Konnyaku (konjak) Grape and Peach Jelly.

I also stopped by at Book 1st, newly opened book store at Roppongi.

It’s very comfortable staying there so I read Scuba Diving Guide and Self Enlightmenr Book: Tado-Ryoku (Multi Task Power).

My short stay at a book store refresh me♪

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Saturday Before a Storm

I went to hair salon this morning because I won’t have any weekend or even a day off in September.

I miss Roku-chan, a cute mascot of this hair salon.

The weather is nice and I finished early.

Now it’s cooler in the morning and evening.

I decided to walk under soft sunshine.

Shops are yet to open at Roppongi Hills.

I enjoy window shopping while I see staffs are busily getting ready to open a shop

I stopped by at my favorite supermarket, Meidi-Ya,  to stock up my food for a week.

The other day, I introduced Super Food Granola.

This time, I bought Dorset Cereals (Cranberry, Cherry & Almond) as my emergency food.

I’ll eat this when I’m tired to cook food. hahaha

In the afternoon, I took a nap.

I feel lazy to do anything today.

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This Week

It’s Friday and I should be parting; but, I left office 11:15 pm tonight.

This is my booster during the day.

I brew Peet’s Coffee and bring it to the office.

This is what keeps me going after 5 when I’m alone in the office: Amazon Music.

And this is my night cap: Nagano Beer – OH LA HO BEER CAPTAIN CROW

I’ve been spending my days simple these days… 

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I knew her from work.

She finished her term in Japan and will return to her country in two weeks.

We never went out privately, but I asked her for a dinner.
We started Robatayaki (charcoal grilled food) dinner at Ginza Hakobune Shizuku at 6 pm.

We had so much fun, so we continued our chat at Tommy Bahama, Ginza.

There is a dining place at Tommy Bahama’s butique.

Cakes and non-alcohol mojito are nice!

I’m going to miss her; we shall keep in touch!