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Unwinding Saturday

I went to shopping in Ginza and had Ichiran Ramen for lunch quickly with my friend; then sent her to Haneda Airport.

It was short, but I’m glad we spent some time together.

She gave me many early Christmas gift.

Her honey products. I love her high quality honey.

From Hyatt. hahaha

And so sweet of her, she even bought a Christmas gift for me.

Thank you for your thoughts!

When I reached home, I quickly called my physical therapist to unwind me.

Luckily, he was available.

I fell sleep while his treatment and it was a deep sleep that I immediately felt fresh!

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Staying Over on Friday Night

I went to office on Friday, but honestly, I wasn’t productive on that day.

I waited to hit 5 o’ clock to go back to meet my friend for dinner.

We could make a reservation at Michelin 1 Star Restaurant Sushi Nakamura, Roppongi only at 9 pm.

We had some bites at Grand Hyatt Roppongi’s Club Lounge.

Yes, we had few glasses here last night, too.

Chef’s Recommendation Course was nice.

Sorry, it’s Michelin Restaurant, I behaved by not taking any photos.

My friend invited me to crush at her place.

She upgraded her room to Suite!

It’s so comfy! 

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Day 3 at Magic Kingdom

Last meal (breakfast) at Magic Kingdom; I got Mickey omelette.

I left Magic Kingdom, but Magic continued because I still continued having fun.

My friend from Australia visited Tokyo for a short business trip.

She always purposely stays at Grand Hyatt Roppongi near my apartment so that we can meet up easily.

We went to Fingers Jinbocho for dinner.

It’s a new trend in Tokyo to eat food with hands.

I thought it would be new for her, but according to her, it’s common in China. 

She often visits China for business. Arama!

Anyway, we enjoyed catching up each other, we laughed through, and we had (definitely me) too much drink. hahaha

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Day 2 at Magic Kingdom

I took a heavy breakfast to charge energy for visiting Tokyo Disneyland!

First, we went to Toon Town to meet Mickey!

This is Mickey’s House.

And we took a photo at his movie barn!

I took a nice couple’s photo and displaying it at my room. fufufu.

We managed to take a fast pass for Space Mountain.

Again, forgot to take a photo because we could walk all the way to the ride. hahaha.

It’s time for Disney Christmas Stories.

Hi, Mickey and Minnie!

Continued with rides.

Monster Inc – light up with a torch light.

Stitch Encounter – interactive show (interacting with audiences/visitors). Amazing and fun.

Buzz Lightyear’s – a kind of shooting game.

The Castle is Cinderella Castle for Tokyo Disneyland.

Watched Mickey’s Philharmonic Magic Concert.

Then Dumbo!

We returned to hotel for dinner to get ready for Electrical Parade.

Wahhhh, Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dream Lights started!

Went back to Buzz again because managed to get a fast pass – well, this was the only ride available for a fast pass.

While fireworks… 

Went to Pooh’s Honey Hunt!

The queue was short because others are watching fireworks.

I love this ride!

Then Haunted Mansion; I went twice because quality is high.

Lastly, Splash Mountain.

Thank you Disney.

It was fun, so much fun…

Magic will end soon…


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Day 1 at Magic Kingdom

I had an exciting week this week.

I took few days off to go to Magic Kingdom!

Went to one of official Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels, Hilton Tokyo Bay, to drop my car and luggage.

We took a Hilton’s shuttle bus to Maihama Station/Tokyo Disney Land.

There is the Welcome Center for official Disney hotels, including Hilton Tokyo Bay.

If you are taking a train to Maihama Station, you can check-in and drop your luggage here so that you can go straight to Disney without wasting any minute.

Then, took a Disney monorail to Disney Sea!

Monorail excites me because it’s filled with Mickeys! 

I mean many Mickey!

Even the view looks different through this cute Mickey window!

Yes, we are all dressed up for Disney!

When we reached there, we were greeted by Mickey and others by their show: Perfect Christmas! MICKEY!

We watched another show: Broadway Big Band Beat.

We took a ride: Nimo & Friends Sea Rider.

I forgot to take a photo of Aquatopia because a queue was so short that I didn’t have to wait at all, just walk in. Yeah!

It was raining so we decided to return hotel for resting and dinner.

On the way out, I bought blueberry popcorns with Duffy popcorn case.

I can buy Duffy Popcorn Case only at Disney Sea at selected popcorn wagon.

We met Mickey at the exit. 

Hummmm, how to meet him privately to take a photo with him…?

We took a Mickey bus from Bay Side Station to Hilton Tokyo Bay.

At the entrance, there is a play area for children.

Many children also enjoy watching trains.

We stayed at Magic Family Room for a little niece.

We received a letter when we checked-in and it says I can meet a girl, Tiara, who is studying magic in a mirror.

There is a key in a room and it lights up.

I also enjoyed lying on a bunk bed. hahaha

After room inspection, we went to enjoy buffet dinner.

Then we returned to Disney Sea for Colour of Christmas.

Also visited Mermaid Lagoon to enjoy rides, too.

I queued for Indiana Jones Adventure twice in the past; however, both time I couldn’t get on due to a system error.

But that night, I finally rode… twice!

It was awesome.

Yes, we enjoyed very well for the first day at the Magic Kingdom!

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I miscalculated.

I’ve been exercising so I thought I can eat bit more; I’ve been eating out to escape from the office to get fresh.

However, I didn’t understand calories and I’ve been miscalculating.

Now I’m thinking over my diet because I’ve gained weight, though I exercise.

I finally cooked and checked calories for what I ate today…it’s over calories…

I brought lunch so I thought I saved calories to eat cookies (it was additional 200 calories).

This was my dinner (I need to consider menu to look photogenic. ahaha).

I added natto (fermented soy beans).


With these simple food, my total calory for a day is still over about 400 calories.

Hummm I’m taking few days off to go to Disney Tokyo from tommorrow.

I’m going to stay there to enjoy food, too…

I’ll be more careful on ordinary days so that I can enjoy special occasion like tomorrow.