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Quality Time with Uncle & Aunty

The other day I gave a lift to my uncle.

It was nothing because going by two (Mom and I) or three (Uncle, Mom and I) are the same.

However, he want to show his appreciation by inviting us (Mom and I) to his apartment.

It was nice of them to prepare high-tea for us.

I was driving so Uncle prepared non-alcohol beer for me.

My first time to try Suntory All-Free and surprisingly, it’s nice and rich in hop.

We chatted for four hours non-stop.

Uncle showed off his collection of mint and coins.

I didn’t know that he is a collector!!

These are few of his collection.

To show his appreciation, he gave me the Silver Coin for the 60th Anniversary of Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Law.

There are 47 coins for 47 prefectures: of course, he has all 47 coins for 47 prefectures.

He has two sets for Tokyo Prefecture to give me one.

It’s so beautiful and comes together with memorial stamps.

He has nine coins for memorial of nine Shinkansen in set.

He gave me loose ones; it’s equally nice as a set.

He also gave me loose coins for Japan 47 Prefectures Coin Programme for Tokyo and Chiba prefecture version.

Thank you; I’ll keep them nicely.

After spending wonderful time with Uncle and Aunty, we had Italian dinner with Dad near from home.

We reported all to him and showed my new collection of coins. hahaha


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