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Trip to Nikko (Day 1)

Depart Asakusa Station for Kinugawa Onsen (hot spring) Station by Spacia, Tobu Line.

I enjoyed privacy for two hours train ride at Compartment 2.

Sky Tree and peaceful scenery from window

I see snow at Kinugawa Onsen Station; yes, it’s cold here.

It’s a hot spring town.

The station gate looks like as if we are going to enter a hot bath.

Kinugawa Onsen

I took a shuttle bus to Kinugawa Plaza Hotel.

Opened a door and there is a fusuma (sliding door) to lead us to a main room and small sun (living) room to over look a river.

There is a public hot spring bath; therefore, there is a shower booth only at the room.

We had dinner at room and dinner was nice.

After dinner, went to Onsen.

There are free ice candy bars: Gari Gari Kun Onsen Manju (black sugar flavor).

I watched Kohaku Uta Gassen (Red/Women Team vs White/Men Tram Song Battle) on TV.

Watching this TV programme is a typical way to spend New Year’s Eve in Japan.

Namie Amuro who is celebrating her 25th career anniversary decides to retire next September.

This year would be her last performance at Kohaku.

Singers who are selected to perform on this programme is based on the performance and popularity in the year; therefore, Japanese singers are honor to participate in this programme.

After Kohaku, watching Iku Toshi Kuru Toshi (Year to Go, Year to Come).

Listened to Temple’s Bell to purify the spirit to receive a New Year.

Happy New Year!


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