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Japanese Movie Saturday

I watched a Japanese movie, Inori no Maku ga Oriru Toki (When Lower the Curtain of Prayer) at Toho Roppongi.

This movie is the last case of TV series, Shinzanmono (New Comer).

It’s a dramatic detective movie with great sadness, very touching story.

After the movie, I had nice okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pizza or pancake) for early dinner.

This okonomiyaki is sauce flavor with buta (pork), kyabetsu (cabbage), negi (leeks) and tamago (egg).

It might look the same; however, this okonomiyaki is called negiyaki: soy sauce flavor with a lots of negi, buta and tamago.

I opened Japanese design Coca-Cola for late dessert.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

2 thoughts on “Japanese Movie Saturday

  1. Hi,
    I watched this movie during my flight. However, I was not able to watch it till the end 😦
    Could you please let me know the ending of this movie?
    Thank you in advance

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    1. I will try my best to summarize the movie.

      Hiromi and father were running away from money collectors. When they visited a small restaurant at small town, they met a man who hops a job at nuclear power plant construction site. He asked Hiromi to visit him later for quick money job. Later Hiromi visited him purely because she wanted to help father by making money because she knew he tried to suicide. She was too young so didn’t know a type of “quick money job”. She defended herself from a attack and killed him. Father found her and understood what was happened. Hiromi identified a dead man as father and father stole the man’s identity and lived quietly.

      Today, Hiromi became a famous producer and her play was about to play on the stage.

      Her friends and people from the past came to see her because they are proud to be a friend of celebrity. Her father who didn’t communicate with her for years surfaced because he wanted to see her play. These met and these found that father is alive, then why and who daughter identified as her father…? These became obstacles. Father tried to protect her… he blamed that he created the mess by surfacing…

      Hiromi knew that father doesn’t want to die by burning. She helped him die.

      Kaga’s mother associated with Hiromi’s father when both lived at the same small town hiding. Kaga’s mother had nervous breakdown from the pressure from husband who is a cop. She ran away to live quietly. Both didn’t want to get people’s attention so live quietly. Hiromi found out about her so she approached Kaga (son) in past which triggered Kaga’s doubt. Hiromi is a good producer, she could have plot a perfect crime if she didn’t get attention from Kaga.

      It’s a sad story….


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