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Golden Week Holiday in Kyoto (Day 2)

Took a train to Ishiyama Eki (Ishiyama Station) to participate in a special Buddhist ceremony at the temple in Shiga.

I love listening to Buddhist sutra reciting; and also participating to recite it.

The peaceful moment brings me clam and peace.

After participation in a special prayer, visited Iwamadera (Iwama Temple), Ishiyama, Shiga.

First, I hit the bell.

Please take note that you cannot hit it on the way back; you will bring bad luck instead.

If you forget to do it, it’s okay.

This is not the must.

There is Bokefuji Kannon (Goodness for senile dementia prevention) at this temple.

There is also Shirahime Ryujin (White Princess Dragon Goddess) for beauty.

The temple is located on the mountain.

Then I proceeded to Hondo (main temple).

Hondo (Main Temple)

There is a small beautiful pond next to the Hondo.

The famous Japanese poet, Matsuo Basho, composed a poet.

Furuikeya Kawazu Tobikomu Mizuno Oto

(Old Pond, a Flog Jumped, Sound of Splash)

Then there is also Fudo Do (Fudo Temple).

Fudomyoo is God of Fire.

He can burn all bad luck!

There is also Inazuma Ryuo Sha (Shrine for Lightning Dragon).

This God will prevent us from lightening and fire.

And there is also Taishi Do, Temple for Kobo Daishi (Kobo Buddhist Priest).

There is a resting room; you should take a rest here to meet more Gods and Eight Great Priests.

After dropping souvenirs at the hotel room, went out to buy tomorrow’s breakfast.

On the way to the bakery shop, stopped by at the Yojiya cosmetics shop located inside of hotel.

Yojiya was the specialized cosmetics manufacturer for Geisha.

Today, Yojiya also produces cosmetics for general consumers like me.

I bought UV protection loose powder in white.

I have sensitive skin so I want to avoid wearing UV protection cream by wearing a hat and THIS!

Then walked down to LAQUE to buy breads and cut pineapple for breakfast.

We arrived late last night and were active today.

We decided to have dinner at Japanese Restaurant Irifune at the hotel.

I enjoyed nice Kyoto food and Kyoto Sake Heiangu with Mom.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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