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Golden Week Holiday in Okinawa (Day 1)

It’s Japanese National Holiday (Constitution Day) today, but my office was opened.

Usually, morning of Ginza Station is crowded with people, but today it was quiet.

It was a quiet day at the office as well.

The office building was closed and we were the only office opened on Golden Week Holiday season, but it was fine with me.

I enjoyed long lunch with my friend from Malaysia at Tempura Restaurant, Ginza Tenkuni.

We chatted for a while and she departed for Shibuya to join other group of friends.

At 5 pm, it’s my turn to enjoy Golden Week Holiday in Okinawa. Yeah

I already polished my nail for beach.

I quickly packed up and departed for Haneda Airport.

it’s dinner time, but food won’t be served on domestic flight.

I bought my favorite Maisen Katsu Sand (Maisen Pork Sandwich).

The packaging is cute airport version – with many airplanes!

I ate it with Aojiru (vegetable juice) at ANA’s Lounge.

After satisfying my stomach, proceeded to the gate.

It’s night flight so I could not take a sharp photo due to the reflection of the glass.

I see an airplane in strange colour.. in yellow…?

OMG, YODA greeted me at the entrance!!!

My seat is decorated in Star Wars as well!!!

I found my airplane model on inflight shopping magazine.

The cup.

Yoda is seared at one of seats like us.

I was protected by the FORCE so safely

arrived at Naha Airport.

Mensore (Welcome in Okinawa ben (dialect))

I finally reached Naha West Inn.

It’s a nice cozy room.

Oyasuminasai (Good Night)


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