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Wednesday is Movie Day for Ladies

Toho Cinemas offer a special rate for ladies on every Wednesday.

Normal rate is JPY 1,800 (USD 18) for adult, but for special rate for ladies on Wednesday is JPY 1,100 (USD 11).

Three of us went to watch Star Wars Han Solo at Toho Cinema, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

We were greeted by Godzilla.

We watched it at Screen 8.

I should enjoy ladies movie night n very movie way: hot dogs, pop corns, coke and red wine.

I had a glass of red wine while watching the movie.

I enjoyed watching as if I were at home.

This movie theatre is recently opened; therefore, it designed nicely.

There is enough gap between seat rows so heads won’t disturb our view. Great!

I might come back for Mission Impossible Fallout.

It seems the premier viewing for Mission Impossible Fallout was played here and Tom might have been here….


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

4 thoughts on “Wednesday is Movie Day for Ladies

  1. I was surprised the other day when I sent to see Mirai no Mirai that the ticket was only 1,100 yen! Usually I go on Wednesday’s but it was a same
    Day ticket.


    1. Toho Cinema Group provides Ladies Day Promotion to encourage people to come in on middle of weekdays. I surprise to find many men at the theatre on Wednesday. Ladies can get a great discount so men take an advantage to ask out, I guess. There is a great benefit for men as well. It gives an excuse and a total cost for movie will be much lower, a great as JPY 700 (USD 7)!!

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      1. I’m a woman that’s why I usually go on Wednesdays. I don’t think my cinema was a Togo though I’ll check when I go back to Kyoto.


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