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Exposing Choco

It was Choco’s class.

He must be tired after the lesson; I was. LOL

He doesn’t like to wear the harness so I started the class with struggle.

He and I tried and experienced many things.

After the class, he drank water busily.

I want him to learn that harness brings him fun; when he wears it, he can go out together.

It is Autumn and harvest festival season.

When I went out to get groceries, I saw Omikoshi (people carry God’s temporary shrine or shall I call it Car); I rushed back home to put harness on him then went down.

After watching Omikoshi, I put him down to a walk.

First, he didn’t move.

It took him a while to start walking for few meters.

Yes. Surely he was tired; we took a nap together at the couch.

At night, I took him to a walk again.

I hope he would become to like wearing the harness soon.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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