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30 December 2018

My relatives who owns rice fields always prepare mochi (pounded sticky rice) for new year.

I enjoy their mochi very much because rice are so fresh and chemical free.

It tastes much much much better than commercial ones.

Today, I cannot eat mochi and brown rice that are sold at supermarkets.

I need to get my supply from my relative.

This time, I took Choco with me.

It’s his first time to ride for long hours: 2 hours straight.

I’m glad that he slept in the car for both ways.

It was a nice sunny day.

I drove through Kujukuri where it plans to be a surfing tournament place for Tokyo Olympics 2020.

We can see the construction going on and there is a nice beach and waves for surfing.

I brought my apron but there were enough people to work on; I left it with experts.

I just enjoyed eating them.

What a good job that I had!

My other cousins were busy grilling yakitori (skewered chicken).

I took my portion of mochi and uncle’s.

I delivered mochi to the uncle who couldn’t make it today.

He was so surprised and happy when I showed up with fresh mochi.

He treated me Sukiyaki (beef pot).

He was so happy that he couldn’t stop talking.

His smiling face made me happy as well.

It was a nice day because I met my loving relatives and Choco behaved well.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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