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Very Japanese Sunday

I looked for a restaurant that I can take Choco with me.

We went to Monjayaki Kotobukiya, Tsukishima, Tokyo.

I had Ramune (Soda) for drink.

We started with Gyu-tan Steak (beef tongue steak).

Forgot to take a photo; I also had Sunagimo (gizzard).

Sumagimo is at the up left corner.

Then we had the main dish, Hakata Mentai Mochi Cheese Monja (Hakata fish roe, pounded rice cake and cheese in Monjya Style.)

Monjayaki is local Tsukishima food.

First we cook ingredients.

Then add soup and mix all.

We can eat moist or crispy as we wish.

We also had okonomiyaki, Kansai (Osaka Style Pancake).

Choco was tired waiting for us.

We left Kotobukiya and stopped by at Tsukiji Bon Marche Deli & Bar to get our dessert: matcha (Green Tea) soft cream.

I enjoyed Tsukiji Happy Ice Cream with colourful decoration.

At the dinner time, I had Nabe (cray pot) and Ehomaki (Good Luck Roll).

This is thick and long with many ingredients.

We face good luck direction of the year (East for 2019) and eat this roll.

I also did Mamemaki (throwing soybeans for good luck) by saying “Oni wa Soto, Fukuwa Uchi (Evils out, good luck to come)”.

And at the midnight, I placed this facing good direction of the year (East).

This will make all matters in favors.

According to old Japanese calendar, 3 February was the New Year; therefore, we have so many tradition to wish for good luck today.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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