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Business Trip to Hokkaido (Day 2)

Last night I had a difficulty to fall sleep.

Then I remember I took a Monster which was distributed on the street for promotion.

This is my first Monster and now I read clearly “Extra Strength” on the bottle.

No wonder I couldn’t fall sleep even I took a nice bath last night.

Nonetheless, I had the second bottle this morning to keep me going today.

I went down to take a breakfast.

I was informed by a taxi driver that the hotel, Hotel Keihan Sapporo, received the best breakfast award among hotels in Sapporo.

I enjoyed the varieties.

Then we headed to Hotel Okura Sapporo to organize a seminar.

After the seminar, we visited two organizations to establish business relationships.

The organization that we visited is nicely located in front of the Hokkaido tourist place: Sapporo Tokeidai (Sapporo Clock Tower).

We are lucky that we could take few tourists photos.

Between two meetings, we took a break and lunch to enjoy nice Hokkaido ice cream at Yukijirushi Parlor (Snow Brand Cafe), Sapporo.

I had the limited edition: Strawberry Parfait.

After the second meeting, we rushed back to the hotel to pick our luggages to depart for the Shin-Chitose Airport because snow is getting heavy.

It was the wise decision to depart for the airport earlier because it took longer to reach to the airport due to the bad road condition.

We enjoyed shopping and dinner at the airport calmly.

I bought Royce Yamazaki Whiskey Chocolate and Rokkatei Milk Chocolate Coated Strawberries for myself. hahaha

Now I will head back home.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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