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Happy Valentine

I received an eCard from a couple in the States.

Their thoughts warmed my heart in the morning of cold winter.

I miss them badly.

Today, I arranged lunch at the Moon, Roppongi Hills 52F, to celebrate my colleague becoming a permanent staff.

It is located at the same level of observatory room of Roppongi Hills (52F); therefore, the view is great.

Food is also nice.

I’m glad to know that Boss and my colleague enjoyed dining there.

Congratulations to my colleague.

When I returned to home, I was excited to see a box.

My new iPhone arrived!

I followed the instructions to transfer all data to new iPhone.

It’s successfully done. Yeah!

I formatted my old iPhone and ready to be sent back.

Now I can go to bed. fufufu

I looked back my Valentine’s Day.

I didn’t have anything romantic; I had a dinner with Mom at home eating Nadaman Restaurant’s packed dinner instead.

It was a peaceful day, YET I was happy and felt loved.

Happy Valentine!


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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