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Trip to Australia (Day 1)

I heard the news that Ayers Rock will close end of October 2019; surely I need to make a trip ASAP.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 is a year away.

I relaxed at the Sakura Lounge, Terminal 2, Narita Airport before our departure.

I enjoyed food and drinks.

I bought some nail polish at airport duty free shops today.

Now it’s boarding time.

I didn’t fly with JAL for few years because I didn’t have a good memory.

This time, I enjoyed their warm hospitality, nice facilities and food & drinks.

I borrowed their cardigan.

Amenity bag is ETRO.

I enjoyed lunch.

After enjoying, they made my bed.

I could sleep comfortably with mattress and full flat seat.

How nice!

I watched the movie, Green Book.

I read woman magazine Domani and Crea.

I also enjoyed sky shopping: Moroccan Oil in travel size.

I further enjoyed light dinner.

It’s any time meal concept so that we order whenever want.

I would like to thank flight attendants to make my journey comfortable.

Thank you for your hospitality; looking forward for returning flight!

To my surprised, immigration went smoothly.

We walked to Royal Park Melbourne Airport to check in.

I spent a full day for traveling today.



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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