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Trip to Australia (Day 4)

According to the travel itinerary, we have free time till noon to depart for Melbourne and this free time supposed to be the time allocated for third challenge to climb Ayers Rock.

Since all seven of us who wanted to climb Ayers Rock managed to climb previous day, we decided to have a relaxing morning.

I’m glad I went yesterday by using my pocket money.

True enough, the gate was closed in the morning due to the strong wind.

I woke up at 8 am and went down to breakfast at 9 am.

I had Aborigine’s special omelette, using their herbs.

We departed hotel at noon for airport.

Oh I have to introduce unique Aborigine’s dot paint which was hanged at my hotel room.

We took two flights: Ayers Rock – Sydney and Sydney – Melbourne.

Ayers Rock – Sydney

Sayonara Ayers Rock!

Arigato for laughing memories!

This inflight meal became my lunch.

Sydney – Melbourne

Inflight snack, dip and crackers, goes well with red wine. Hummm

We arrived Melbourne on time.

We had a good look of Park Hotel Melbourne Airport where we stayed on the first night.

Tonight we are going to stay at hotel located in city center: Stanford Plaza Melbourne.

Our transport is cute: typical Ausie transportation that has luggage compartment.

We reached hotel and my friend was waiting for me!

We had dinner together; we had so much to update each other.

We continued talking at my room.

The room was just nice; there is a living/dining room with a kitchen.

There is a door to separate from bed room section for Mom to take a bath and rest.

We chatted for hours but never enough.

I’m thankful to her to come up to my hotel at night.



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