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Happy Father’s Day Eve


Today, I invited my parents for Father’s Day Eve dinner.

As you know, I visited Miyazaki to attend a meeting and I bought a Miyazaki Mango.

This mango costed me JPY 2,500 (USD 25) a piece.

In Tokyo, price is usually higher; this mango could cost more, USD 30? USD 40?

If this was the Egg of Sun brand, it could cost USD 50 in Miyazaki and USD 80 – 100 in Tokyo.

I asked why this brand is so expensive.

The type of mango is the same, apple mango family, that we can find in Thailand, the Philippines, and other ASEAN countries.

The Egg of Sun mango grew in a glass house without any agrochemical.

A farmer carefully checks each piece of mango, not by a tree a piece, twice in a day: morning and evening.

The Egg of Sun brand is a winner of the beauty contest, it has a beautiful shape (no dents, no scratch, and no color changes), large (size 5L: more than 350g) and sweet (sugar contents have to be higher than 15).

I bought a ripe mango which is smaller (size 4L).

I don’t think I would spend so much money on a mango in future.

That’s why I asked my parents for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day Eve tonight.

Mango cannot wait. hahaha


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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