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Housekeeping Day

After work, I arrive home hungry.

I usually cook for dinner and lunch for my lunch box.

To ease my evenings, I decided to spend few hours to cook.


(Dashi (stock for miso soup and basic Japanese food), pumpkin in dashi flavour, miso soup, red snapper in soy sauce flavour, boiled spinach, bean sprout and egg in oyster sauce flavor and mashed pumpkin.)

And another thing…..recently, I found out that I could keep my clothes cleaner if I hand wash by myself.

I’m a lazy person, I often send my clothes to laundry service.

But the other day, I doubted its work when I received returned clothes.

I tried hand washing my jacket with Emal, detergent for clothes for dry-cleaning. (To my surprise, Emal is Kao’s product, too.)

I thought I am going to destroy my clothes, but….

I could not believe what I saw then, BROWN COLOURED WATER……?????

Tonight I washed my office pants…..I am not proud how it looks, but I thought I can share my surprise and this is the proof. Sigh…

Okay, I admit I hate ironing, but now I’m considering to buy a good steam iron.

The jacket look the same after ironing as if these were returned from the laundry shop.



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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