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What’s your favorite Apps?

Mom visited me after her long lunch with friends.

YES, I managed to punch out at five!!  YES, I DID IT!!

I could be rude to my boss today by giving attitude, “I am busy at this moment”. hahaha

After our dinner, our regular session started.

I regularly check Mom’s mobile and apps.

If it’s necessary, I download, update, and organize apps, then teach till she feels comfortable to operate alone.

First, it required me TIME and PATIENCE. PATIENCE!

I don’t think I was a good teacher then, but she didn’t give up because she was having fun with apps.

After realizing how happy she looks when she uses her apps that can satisfy her curiosity and keep her connecting to her friends, I enjoy teaching her.

Her favorites apps are LINE (chat apps with many stamps (icons/characters)), few translation apps and You Tube.

My favorites are LINE (it’s widely used and necessity among Japanese), WhatsApp, Facebook (mainly to check on friends), the Wisdom, Google Translation, Camera, LINE Camera, FrameUrLife, MOLDIV, Pic Collage, MyFitnessPal & RecStyle (since yesterday), Pinterest, Kindle, Jango and WordPress!!!

What’s your favorite Apps?


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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