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I’m disappointed.

I thought today would be my last visit to the dentist.

I’ve been visiting my dentist for many times already.

I started visiting my dentist because my filling/cover for a cavity came out.

I needed to visit for each steps: cleaned it and put the temporary filling; treated it, took a mold and put the temporary filling; placed the filling/cover and checked the condition of the new filling/cover (a total of four times).

When I came back for checking on filling/cover after installment, he told me I have a cavity.

I went back for cleaning, treating & taking a mold and installing my filling/cover for my cavity for a different tooth (a total of three visits).

After he finished installing a filling/cover for my cavity today, he told me I need to start treating a root that causing inflammation to my gum.

He needs to take out my filling/cover and check the root next time.

I asked about a bump on my gum when he started the cavity treatment and he explained to me about the cause, inflammation.

If he knew he needs to treat it, why can’t he just treat it together with other teeth? 

I need to go back again for each steps again. Sigh.

I asked my dentist, what else do I need to treat? 

He told me I would be fine after treating my root.

I don’t mind to pay fee for double, eventually I’ll pay for the whole treatment. 

But I do mind that I need to go back many times to complete the treatment. 

Because train ride consumes more time than treatment time!! Boo hoo.


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