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I met my schoolmate for lunch today.

We are friends since Junior High School.

We talked like we were still teenagers. 5.5 hours!!! Non-Stop!!!

We also enjoyed nice Hiroshima local food, Taichazuke (Red Snapper with Soup).

This way is Hiroshima way of enjoying Red Snapper.

This restaurant, Ochi Kochi, serves all Hiroshima specialties.

The restaurant is located at B1 Floor of Tau Hiroshima antenna shop where we can also shop Hiroshima products.

Hiroshima is located southern Japan, famous for oysters, lemons, etc.

I bought a Sake Zoka; it’s sweet and fruity♪

I didn’t know I’ve been supporting Hiroshima by purchasing various Hiroshima products such as lemon juice.

You can tell that I didn’t buy it today because the bottle is empty!!!


We continued to talk at Starbucks.

We both enjoyed a seasonal drink, Baked Cheese Cake Frappuccino.

Thanks for being my good friend!!!

I look forward for our next girls chat! XOXO



Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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