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Umbrella could become a dangerous weapon…

Tokyo is still in the rainy season; it was raining in the morning. 

Of course, I brought an umbrella with me.

I hooked my umbrella on my arm when I was on the train.  

The train stopped suddenly and I lost balance.

I didn’t know what had happened then.

I saw a man suffering with agony. 

I’m not sure whether he was lucky or unlucky, he was sitting.

When I lost balance, I poked him, slightly above his knee cap where you can feel the gap, with my umbrella!


He understood it was unintentional. 

He forgave me quickly, but he couldn’t stop groaning.

I had to get off quickly because a train stopped at my station.

I silently promised to him that I won’t hurt anybody with my umbrella again. 

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Magma Spa and Chicken Salad

It’s time to renew my membership for gym. 

I try to go to gym regularly on Monday to a nearest gym from my apartment. 

I’ve been signing up for the premium status so that I can get one free magma spa (or commonly called a stone spa) session for 80 mins every month. 

I was so surprised when I found out the last time I went for a magma spa was in last July. 

It’s been a year since I went last time!!! 

I felt ashamed because a staff gave me a towel for being a loyal customer…

I should include a monthly magma spa session as one of my routine!  

I sweat, sweat and sweat and feel good. 

I was just lying there, but I feel so tired and sleepy now… Why?   

At home, I ate a huge plate of salad with sesame seed dressing. 

I made a salad with vegetables, smoked salmon and steamed chicken. 

This steamed chicken, called salad chicken, is innovated by convenience stores. 

It’s very popular among Japanese now. 

It’s healthy, low calories, delicious and cheap – it’s sold at any convinience stores.

I don’t need to cook; it’s ready to eat. 

I bought alpensalz flavor this time and this product is available in many brands such as the Seven-Eleven and flavors such as herbs. 

This product provides good protein, yet low calories, for people on diet.

I should consider replacing my meals with this. Hummm

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I learned from my big mistake that I should keep my skin simple.

I thought of applying minimum makeup to keep my skin healthy.

It’s been hot in Japan and I will rinse off all my makeup with sweat by the time I arrive to the office.

Yesterday, I skipped one process: foundation.

I put makeup on eyes, eye brows and lips.

However, whenever I look into a mirror, I thought I look sleepy.

I felt unease.

Makeup is not just enhancing the look.

Simultaneously, I’m processing my thoughts, feeling and mode to start a day. 

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Ocean Day

Today is Japanese national holiday, Ocean Day.

It is rather a new holiday which was created in 1996.

It used to be on every 20 July when the beach is opened, but now this holiday is celebrated conveniently on third Monday in July since 2003, after the Japanese government implemented the Happy Monday System to creat a longer weekend.

The Happy Monday System was implemented to stimulate consumers’ spending.

Today, Japanese don’t spend much (USD 11.5 trillion of household financial asset remain tucked away) due to anxiety toward pension and healthcare system.

For example, my parents generation, the retirement age was 60, but they could start receiving full pension at the age of 65.

There were 5 years of no-income period.

In my case, the retirement age will surely raise to 65, but do I want to work this long…?

Okay, go back to the Happy Monday System.

The Japanese government created few longer weekend by moving few National Holidays on Monday.

Furthermore, this year, the Japanese government created a new holiday, Mountain Day on 11 August 2016 by reflecting the severe summer in Japan that can reach 42c in summer due to global warming.

(Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to me because I have a different office calendar.)

This system targets to stimulate Japanese economy by spending not only at major cities, but also at regional areas by encouraging people to travel and shop.

Unfortunately, I’m working today.

It’s very quiet; I can work productively with help of many cups of Café Au Lait.

I can easily make a cup by adding hot water.


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Good Luck Charm: Chimaki

Mom is a tough lady.

We just returned from our holiday last Sunday. 

Mom didn’t need much time to regain energy; she went to Kyoto to see her friend on Thursday. 

She was lucky. 

When she visited Kyoto, it is the time for one of the most famous Japanese festival, the Gion Festival which will take place annually in July.

She could see various unique special structures, Yamaboko, in town. 

Then she learned about this good luck charm, Chimaki. 

This good luck charm is distributed only during the Gion Festival. 

I placed it at the entrance where it should be.

Thanks Mom for caring and bringing me this special good luck charm!! xoxox 

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My Marimekko Collection

Who has Marimekko slippers?

I brought hotel slippers to use it on the plane so that I can collect Marimekko slippers. 

I must have surprised CAs when they found hotel slippers behind instead. hahaha

Yes, I’m happily wearing Marimekko slippers at home♪

Oh, I have extra pairs because I also collected Mom’s. hahaha

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Tokyo was just hit by an earthquake, Magnitude 5.0.

Yes, this is nothing new to us.

We’ve been hit by earthquakes for many years since I was little.

However, the shake has changed since March 11, 2011.

Before the March 11 2011 earthquake, it swayed sideways, but now it hits vertically. 

I don’t like this vertical earthquake.

Yes, the vertical quake reminds me of dark days; we were all sad and depressed.

Simultaneously, it reminds me the importance of family and friends.

I received a cheer-up message from many friends from the globe.

My friend in the US, she sent me a care package by FEDEX.

I appreciate family and friends.

Yes, I am a happy person❤️

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Salmon Sandwich

I used to think salmon sandwich is boring. 

Now sentimental value is added and I appreciate it very much. 

I’m happy to see products, especially food, from Scandinavian countries at stores in Japan. 

I prepared salmon sandwich with Denmark’s smoked salmon for my brunch. 

 For dinner, parents were in town to go to a classic concert; we met up after the concert to have Italian.

I gave Mom the cosmetics that caused me skin problems.

It’s branded cosmetics so it wasn’t cheep; it costed me About USD 60. 

Yes, the cosmetics became a gift to Mom. 

She gave me a big smile when I gave it to her. 

I thought
how many times do we need to celebrate Mother’s Day in a year? hahaha 

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Dr. Stop

My skin started getting reddish, itchy and ugly acne on last Saturday, on the last day of my vacation. 

I didn’t know what went wrong. 

I went to fresh aired countries; I ate healthy. 

I went to see my dermatologist on Tuesday after work. 

I was tired, but I decided to wait patiently, though a signage said a three hours waiting. 

Luckily, my name was called after 1.5 hrs. 

He asked me when he looked at my face, “what’s happened? Your skin was good!” 

I replied, “Doc, my skin started getting red and bumps after returning from my holiday.” 

“Where did you go? Did you go to the beach to expose under strong sun?” 

“No, no, I went to fresh aired countries, Scandinavian countries. Of course, sunshine is strong so I applied a base lotion which has SPF function that I bought at the Narita Airport’s Duty Free Shop to protect from these strong sunshine.” 

(The Narita Airport’s Duty Free Shops are well-stocked for cosmetics and enable to buy new products.) 

“Ahhhh, is it oily?”

“Hummm, I could say it’s oily, but I applied it about a week and my skin was fine for almost a week. It’s branded.” 

“You cannot use an oily product for your skin. It will give you troubles only.” 

“Really? It’s branded!” 

“I don’t think fresh air caused this. I suspect the cosmetics.” 

“So I shouldn’t use it…?” 

“I suspect the cosmetics. You changed only that.” 

I informed Mom that I’ll give the cosmetics to her. 

She is looking forward to use it and she asked me to bring it tonight when I see parents for dinner.

She asked me what type of lotion that I can use. 

Well, my skin improved with what Doc gave me such as vitamins lotion.

She said, “That’s simple? Why did you buy the cosmetics then” 

“Because I thought I can enhance my skin….”

Then my friends, “you’ve been telling us how sensitive your skin is. No branded products for sensitive skin. No! No! No!” 

I thought I can enhance my skin. 

Sigh, again…
I spent money to damage my skin…. 

I’m glad that my skin is improving after seeing a dermatologist. 

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Caviar Spagetti

I bought this Caviar tube in Bergen. 

This is not the caviar, eggs of sturgeon, that I know.

This is actually cod fish roe (eggs) tube.

Norwegians call all fish roe caviar. 
It’s delicious!

It’s nice to paste it on a bread, mix it with spaghetti, etc.

I look forward to visit Scandinavian countries again!!!