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Hop-On Hop-Off

This morning, I took breakfast in rush to leave hotel by 8 am.
First, I stopped by at the Tvindefossen Waterfall.

There is a rumor that Disney referred this waterfall for one of the scene in Frozen.

And there is another rumor, perhaps only among Japanese, that a sip of water can make us a decade younger.
Yes, I managed to get few sips. hahaha

Then I stopped by at the Stalheim Hotel for a coffee break.

I enjoyed a cup of coffee while overlooking at a part of fjord.

Of course, coffee tasted much much better.

This is the Stalheim Waterfall.

I proceeded to Gudvangen Port to enjoy the Fjord Cruise.

The weather was nice so I enjoyed gorgeous scenery while cruising.

Ahead of me is the famous Sognefjord.

At the end of cruise, Flam Port, I had Norway Salmon Lunch at the Fretheim Hotel.

By the way, this is the Flam Light Beer, nice beery tasted beer that you should try.

From Flam Station, I took the Flam Railway.

On the way to Myrdal Station, this train stops at Kjosfossen Station to admire the Kjosfossen waterfall and to look for a fairy.

Please enlarge this picture to look for a fairy. fufufu

I changed the line at Myrdal Station to the Bergen Railway to return to Bergen Station.

At last, I climbed Mt. Floyen by taking the Floibanen Funicular. 

I could look over the whole city of Bergen!

Isn’t this nice?

Today, I tried many different rides. hahaha


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