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From Bergen, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden

I checked out from the First Marin Hotel, Bergen this morning.

It’s nice hotel and food is decent.

I wish I could stay there longer, but I left hotel early to visit few places in Bergen.

Bryggen, one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Fish Market

Norwegians surprised me because they call fish roe, Caviar…these are not the caviar that I know…

At the Hansa Museum, I learned their life in those days.

Then I left for Stockholm.

At Stockholm, first, I enjoyed Haga Forum’s hand-made meatballs.

Lingonberries/mountain berries enhanced the flavor♪

After enjoying nice meatball lunch, I visited City Hall.
You might recognize this place because every 10 December, the Nobel Prize Banquet is held here.


Gamla Stan (Old City)

I checked-in at the Clarion Hotel Sign.

It’s a fashionable hotel.

I quickly fresh up and went to the Grand Hotel to experience 2014 Novel Prize banquet dinner.

The place and food are nice.

The dishes are:

     *Cauliflower soup with a mosaic of king crab, peas and lemon picked cauliflower,

     *Herb fried loin of deer with carrot, salt baked yellow beet, smoked pearl onion served with potato purée and game gravy, and

     *Mousse and sorbet of dewberries from Gotland with saffron pannacotta on browned buttered sponge cake.

I’ll continue sightseeing in Stockholm tomorrow.


Currently living in Tokyo. I would love to share feelings, food, places and things that I do!!

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